Rashmi Vishwa

About Rashmi: 

Rashmi Vishwa is an Artist from the mountain of Obra, Sonebhadra, Utter Pradesh. She inspired to paint when she was in 10th standard by seen a painting to her friend house and decided to learn painting. Due to family circumstances she did a simple course of three painting in a local institute and got married in Varanasi. By seen Climate, culture & peace in City of Varanasi, she decided once again to do the painting herself and did hard practice with full of dedication and devotion.

Mrs. Vishwa painted her painting on Spirituality, Meditation and Woman soreness. Her paintings show the Imagination of super sensible feelings of brain of humankind in different Moods. She helps the kids to boost the internal talent in paintings and trained them to explore and expression by different and stem by step art, drawings, painting and crafts in various segment like Oil Pestle color, Water color, Oil Painting. She express her imagination by nature symbolism is looking live and meaningful.

She gifted their best painting to a Company COO on meditation. The company COO has appreciated her thought which is painted lively on canvas with oil painting. Merely she painted with medium Oil paint.

Mrs. Vishwa has painted on Woman soreness. Her paintings made on Women harassment, rape cases and domestic violence with symbolism of swords, bloods and darkness.

In the part of clay work she gives train on Flower Making with Thai Clay, Ceramic clay and POP are looks like live.

Costume Making:

Rani Laxmi Bai Costume and Make-up has been done by Mrs. Vishwa.


Fun n Joy has provided the support to mother to making prop and costume themes for fashion show for kids and junior child


Rani Laxmi Bai Accessories has been made by Board.